Market trading with London artist Joe Sweeney

LUISA LE VOGUER COUYET, Hero Magazine, September 2, 2016

We first introduced you to HERO x Hate – our collaboration with Hate zine founders Luisa Le Voguer Couyet and photographer Scarlett Carlos Clarke – through a profile on artist Tim Noble, where he discussed sex, death, and everything in between.


Today, our collaborative series continues with London-based artist Joe Sweeney taking centre-stage ahead of his latest exhibition, Quality Produce


Perceptive, astute, appreciative of the things you may overlook; car boot sales, markets, cheap products, a sense of what it means to be British, artist Joe Sweeney is about to open the doors toQuality Produce – a month long pop-up bar-come-immersive installation in Dalston undertaken with artist and friend Byron Pritchard that began with the desire to explore the nature of market goods, the description of which often far outweighed the actual products.