Loose Change

Harriet Verney, Wall Street International, December 28, 2017

The United Kingdom has long had its own metaphorical hall of fame. This hall of fame doesn’t come with a red carpet and there’s only the odd gold gilded frame visible. Instead there is a funny patterned carpet which disguises some questionable stains with biscuit crumbs and the welcoming smell of ‘ahh Bisto’ wafting through the halls. This hall of fame features any Brit who has been dubbed a ‘national treasure’, either by the Mirror or the Sun- aka the ‘people’s’ mouthpieces. It features everything from: the BBC (hanging on in there by a thread), submissive mannerisms (sorry), the nation’s ability to queue for hours, Terry Wogan and Mary Berry make the cut, as does the smell of undercooked batter dominating any seaside town. And so, for his second solo show at the Cob Gallery, Joe Sweeney has delved into this subconscious hall of subliminal fame with a show titled, “Loose Change.”