Painter Tomo Campbell on finding beauty in imperfection

Vivian Yeung, Dazed Digital, May 30, 2016

A Central Saint Martins graduate, former artist-in-residence at the English National Ballet, and briefly a model for Dior, Tomo Campbell is undeniably a talented artist who doesn't strive towards perfection in his art but finds joy in its flaws. This month, his debut show Held On The Tips Of Fingers will be exhibited at Golborne Gallery.


The 28-year-old painter and photographer was born in Twickenham to a family of footballers, though football was never his calling. “As a kid I was always colouring in, you know, more so than most kids do. But I was never aware of it as an option in life. I used to design football kits when it was too miserable to play football.”