Nina Mae Fowler interview in Arte Al Limite

Luna Milo, Arte Al Limite, October 1, 2017

The large scale detail in the work of Nina Fowler is impressive. At first sight, it makes us think that we are looking at a photograph, but then our cognitive perception makes us realize that it is a drawing, a monumental one, capable of coverng a wall. The fact is that the priviledged eye and hand of the artist precisely direct the intricate strokes that create and recreate images with a melancholic glamour, in which the Golden Age of Hollywood emerges and where the cinematographic sceneries, icons of popilar culture, are reborn from the ashes, it seems like they are encrypted in a territory in which decadence is concealed, where the mythical frivolousness is uncovered, where power and fame attract followers, setting forth a shrewd observation and debate about the excessive worship at the movie industry of the past, present, and future.