A closer look at how we perceive sex through art

Elizabeth Coop, Dazed , May 9, 2017

On the heels of her recent show, artist Alba Hodsoll and curator Antonia Marsh go head-to-head on how they’re finding new ways to discuss sex through their work


Last month, artist Alba Hodsoll’s exhibition POV – created in collaboration with friend and curator Antonia Marsh at London’s Cob Gallery – opened up a dialogue around how we perceive sex through art.


The multi-dimensional show was made-up of four-parts: a life-drawing session, a film by Hector Aponysus documenting these immersive classes (premiered above) and a feminist pornography panel – all held in formation by Hodsoll’s art installation. Putting herself at the epicentre of each practice, including the participation of her first ever naked, life-drawing class, Hodsoll told us, “The body, sex and pornography for me, is a study of how two bodies, or sometimes three, go together. How they interact. How they exchange, without judgement.”