Alba Hodsoll

Chrissie Iles, So It Goes Magazine, November 1, 2017

Alba Hodsoll interview in So It Goes Magazine Issue 10.


Chrissie Iles: Can you talk about the timing of the naked body’s appearance as an ambiguous semi-abstract erotic form in your work, at a moment in which women are resisting outdated patriarchal norms around the female body more definitively than at any other moment in history, and in which binary sexuality is being dismantled?


Alba Hodsoll: Looking at my latest series PoV and Glory Holes (featured here in the magazine) I am attempting to find my own ‘point of view’ of the naked body’s appearance and its erotic nature by exploring through, in this case, the vessel of pornography, which is birthed straight out of patriarchal norms. What was originally the male’s point of view has become my PoV through my paintings and then in turn will become the viewers PoV, breaking down the level of power the original viewer had over the woman in the porn film. Regarding binary sexuality being dismantled at this point in time, I believe in applying the saying ‘write what you know’ to the way I approach my work. I cannot attempt to make work about a sexuality I am unrelated to, nor can I create work depicting anything other than what I know just because I exist in a time when certain things are being dismantled. Those are other people’s stories to tell or to show.