Lorena Lohr : ‘Ocean Sands’

Molly Sisson, Fish Eye, October 1, 2017

It was at the age of 20, that Lorena Lohr left England to go to New York. From then on she begun a personal, photographic journey with the series ‘Ocean Sands‘. On her own, she travelled through Southwest America, wandering through deserted towns one after another. By trains, buses, and on foot she uncovered a remote number of states and their forgotten gems. Motels, diners, deserts : Lorena adds an edge to being a hitchhiker with her bold shots and D.I.Y photography. Her photos follow her discoveries, giving an insight to her personal relationship with her camera : a focus on a detail that stimulates her imagination. Each frame captures the essence of her lone adventures, ‘working with 35mm colour film and a variety of compact and inexpensive cameras‘, her effortless style is distinct. Smooth pastel shades, striking details and a significance to attention in framing : Lorena revives these towns with the power of a click. Vacant spaces, inhabited by neon signs that once had a purpose creates a lonely eeriness. In the exotic surroundings, her journey is harmonized with her shots of motif-pattern tiles, the bonnet of a car, a salmon-pink sink, overlapping power-lines which leaves her ‘hanging on the telephone’, in a desolate town.