Lorena Lohr’s Hazy Photographs Documenting El Paso, Texas

Belle Hutton, AnOther Magazine, July 28, 2017

It was entirely by chance, due to a broken down Greyhound Bus in Arizona, that photographer Lorena Lohr first ended up in El Paso, Texas, a town that sits on the border of the US and Mexico. “It was very, very hot, over 100 degrees, and it didn’t seem to be moving anytime soon. So I thought that hitchhiking was the best idea,” Lohr tells AnOther over the phone. She was picked up by “a truck moving ice cream tubs from north to south,” she continues. “I got dropped off [in El Paso] and I had no idea what it would be like.”


El Paso is one of the Mexican border towns that Tonight Lounge, her photographic series documenting her travels on Greyhound Buses and Amtrak trains, focuses on; she has taken such trips every year since moving to New York in 2010. Shot on film, Lohr’s photographs are personal responses to the locale that she encountered en route, rendered in dreamy pastel hues with the requisite alluring haze that pairing analogue photography with the American southwest seems to necessitate.