The Poet Inspired by Modernism and Kazimir Malevich

Emily Gosling, AnOther Magazine, October 26, 2017

As two new London exhibitions open, Robert Montgomery talks to AnOther about the democratising power of public art.

Robert Montgomery’s work straddles light, immense physicality, conceptual art, and poetry; spelling out our collective societal thoughts and deepest personal musings in bold, all-caps Futura. His vast text-based pieces grace billboards and bodies alike: at least 20 people have his words tattooed on them – mostly, he says, having seen his pieces circulate online. Such is the power of his art to transcend physical borders and to profoundly touch people – something that will surely only increase from this month, when not one but two exhibitions open in London at Parasol Unit, near Old Street in the east; and Cob Gallery, in Camden. We spoke to Montgomery about the impact of billboards, the democratising power of public art, and a new move away from irony and towards spirituality in the art world.