Alba Hodsoll: A portrayal of hot sex, fine art, feminine form and all of it’s beautiful flaws

Indigo Lewin, LOVE, February 13, 2017

Defying the powder-puff, ‘pussy-power’ wave of obvious feminist art, painter Alba Hodsoll takes a more understated approach. One to watch: you may have seen her work in pop-up hotel room galleries at Art Basel, on the walls of the bathrooms at NYC hotspot Mimi and even in Jerry Saltz’s instagram search history. Simple lines and a classical colour palette, she is known to manifest a less glamourised and more honest portrayal of the feminine form. Her last show at Alex Eagle Studio, ‘Life Lines’ showed fluid ink nudes replacing ‘stereotypically “hot” bodies’ with a ‘roll of belly fat or wobbly curves’.

This week Alba Hodsoll opens her second solo show titled PoV at the Cob Gallery, London.