Artist Couple: Nina Fowler and Craig Wylie

Rowan Mantell, Norfolk Magazine, February 6, 2017

Nina and Craig have held art exhibitions around the world; Craig’s painting of an Olympian hangs in the National Portrait Gallery and Nina’s latest show focuses on an all-time Hollywood great. But the artist couple are happiest at home in Norfolk. Nina Fowler and Craig Wylie knew they wanted a country childhood for their son – and although Craig comes from Zimbabwe, there was never any question about the countryside they would choose. “I spent almost every weekend as a child in Norfolk, so I know the advantages of growing up here,” says Nina. “My memories of crabbing at Wells, seeing the seals at Blakeney Point, going to the end of the pier show at Cromer, climbing hay bales with my brother, horse-riding and so much more, made me want the same for our son.”