Inside the exhibition deconstructing the decaying human body

Thalia Chin, Hero Magazine, September 6, 2017

“The Belly and the Members looks at notions of fragmentation, dismemberment and decay specifically in relation to the human body,” says curator Antonia Marsh about her latest exhibition at London’s Cob Gallery.


The Belly and the Members shares its title with an Aesop Fable wherein the extremities, or ‘members’, of the body go on strike in defiance of the belly – who they believe to be greedily taking all the food – until they themselves weaken to the point of realisation that they cannot survive alone. Here, the discernment that ‘all must work together or the body will go to pieces’ becomes an allegory for a symbiotic reliance on reciprocal interrogation between artworks.


Including work spanning a variety of mediums – several of which were curated especially for this exhibition – The Belly and the Members posits the mirroring of artwork to that of a human body; responding to pressures, meeting projected expectations and as an outward expression of an inner self whose surface remains sensitive to exterior traumas. Antonia extends this metaphor beyond the artworks to the exhibition itself, viewing The Belly and the Members as a developing body of individual works that together establish a unified organism.