Faye Wei Wei

Gilded Birds, April 17, 2017

'A Snapshot of Contemporary Ideal of Beauty'


Faye Wei Wei talks to Gilded Birds about her favourite objects.


GB Tell me why you chose this.


FWW I think they’re the most beautiful and precious objects that I own. They’re like jewels to me, except that they’re from nature and the sea. I bought them when I was in Tokyo with my sister last December. I was just wandering around this area called Koenji on my own and they have a lot of beautiful shops full of antiques and vintage clothes. I saw this tiny sign by a door and I walked upstairs and there was this tiny shop full of really inexpensive old objects. It was like a magical cave. The man who owned it had a pot of tea brewing and when I looked at this object it was as though it had an aura. The cover has calligraphy on the front and then there are nine layers containing 130 shells. Each shell has its own label. The inscription shows that it was gifted to someone on May 14th, 1937.