London Art Fair 2019 : Alba Hodsoll / Katja Angeli

16 - 20 January 2019
Business Design Centre 52 Upper Street London N1 0QH P20b

Cob Gallery is pleased to exhibit a duo presentation of London based artists Katja Angeli and Alba Hodsoll. 


A blend of painting, sculpture, collage and textiles compares formalistic and conceptual approaches to abstraction, form, colour, material and medium. The installation will highlight dualities of the human/non-human, figurative and abstract, physical and digital, and biomorphic and the geometric in their respective practices, and across these four mediums.  


Within each artist's individual presentation of works, an expanded material dialogue is established - both will display examples of a practice they have become known for, set against newer works which see their aesthetic translated across to a more unusual medium. Furthermore, Angeli and Hodsoll's abstractions are paralleled and defined in a contrasting display of the polychromatic and monochromatic.


Hodsoll concentrates on producing moments of unexpected friction and flow between the synthetic and the bodily. Using abstraction to channel the explicit imagery of pornography into a compellingly implicit language of suggestion and restraint, she constructs bodily fragments in negative space and restricted palettes. In contrast, her latest source material is gathered not from photography, but rather from the world of non-human nature. Prompted by her interest in the Coco de Mer or 'sea coconut', she translates these distinctive forms into a series of sculptural works cast in plaster and resin.


Katja Angeli is widely known for her assemblage compositions that redefine the traditions of collage within a digital context. Her works project a surreal, carnivalesque world of shifting shapes, forms and scenes. Angeli uses the appropriation and conflation of words, images, objects and space to explore the image as an ambiguous, groundless portal, referencing a narrative about identity, transformation and the relationship between the physical and the digital. Angeli will present a selection of her ongoing 'NightClubbing'  works on paper series alongside new large scale wall based textile work.