• Cob Award

    The Cob Award is designed to offer early-mid-career artists of any age and nationality an opportunity to develop their artistic practice and realise ambitious projects within our contemporary London art gallery. Award winners will receive £6,000 to produce a new body of work, access to a bespoke on-site studio space, six-weeks of professional development through curated studio visits with Cob’s extensive network and a final presentation of their work within the gallery.
    Each residency cycle will run for six weeks and consist of one artist selected by an esteemed judging panel.
  • 2023 Winners

  • Dominic Watson, Cycle I: 12 May - 23 June 2023
    Dominic Watson, Testament, Installation View, 2022 © the artist courtesy of Goldsmiths CCA

    Dominic Watson

    Cycle I: 12 May - 23 June 2023
    Dominic Watson makes life size figurative sculptures that are equally absurd and grotesque. He works with a combination of paper mâché and handmade clay. Through these materials he explores the visceral qualities of the human body. Watson's work is often satirical employing humour as a tool to explore the feeling of existing in contemporary Britain. 
  • J D Rooney, Cycle II: 07 June - 18 August 2023

    J D Rooney, Mangrove, 2022, Digital Print, Cassette tapes, 200 x 120 cm, Homer Sykes (collaboration with photographer) © courtesy of the artist


    J D Rooney

    Cycle II: 07 June - 18 August 2023
    J D Rooney is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in London. His practice often stems from the complexities regarding feelings of dislocation, longing, and connection from both his Guyanese and Irish heritage; the double-conscious perspective of black and brown bodies in white spaces; and the hope for physical, economic, and political border crossings. On top of ideas regarding the universality of connection, J D Rooney also finds lightness in the celebration of cultures.
  • Award Details

    • Award winners will receive £6,000 to facilitate the production of a new body of work and cover additional expenses incurred with participating in the residency (this includes travel and accommodation - where needed)
    • 500 sq.ft bespoke on-site studio space in the heart of the gallery.
    • Six-weeks' worth of professional development, including overview mentorship with the gallery team.
    • Studio visits from a selection of high-profile art world professionals, including curators, writers, collectors alike.
    • Industry advice and seminars with public art figures, including established artist, writers and institutions.
    • An opportunity to connect with the wider artistic community, through artist-led studio crits.
    • Professional documentation of the work for future use by the artists.
    • Final presentation within the gallery at the end of the residency. Running 1 week with an opening event.
    • Written interview with Brooke Wilson, writer, curator and Programme Coordinator.
    • Support with writing, artists statements and online presence.
    • Outreach to press - promotion on website and social media platforms
    • All works made during the residency will be consigned through Cob Gallery – terms to be agreed upon selection.