The first-ever fusion of embroidery animation and heavy metal will be shown on Channel 4 on 28 May after animator Nicos Livesey and Tom Bunker’s four-minute long ‘Tharsis Sleeps’ was commissioned by the broadcaster as part of their Random Acts series – coinciding with the release of the band Throne’s brand new EP “Where Tharsis Sleeps”.

‘Tharsis Sleeps’ is an animated music video project conceived by Nicos for the heavy metal band Throne. Created with frame-by-frame animation made from denim embroidery, ‘Tharsis Sleeps’ is an idea Nicos conceived when surrounded by denim-clad rockers covered in their favourite band’s patches at heavy metal gigs. Working with a small team, Nicos has gone through a painstaking process to bring the animation to life: 3,000 hand-drawn frames, 250 square metres of denim, 12 million stitches, 40 days of animation, 1,800 hours of digitizing, 3,500 hours of embroidering, 500 hours of capturing. Tharsis Sleeps will take viewers on a psychedelic extraterrestrial mission to terraform Mars.

Nicos is a member of band Throne, a 3-piece heavy metal band from London who have appeared at Austin, Texas’ SXSW and played with psychedelic giants Dead Meadow and Bo Bo Ningen. The project will coincide with the release of Throne’s brand new EP ‘Tharsis Sleeps’, which will be officially launched at The Cob Gallery in Camden, London on 5 June with a live performance accompanied by the animation.