15th September 2014

The architect Edward Armitage first conjured up his exquisite lamp design in 1952, while working in Ludhiana, India. The very first one was hand-built by craftsmen at the local bazaar, and for a long while it remained the only one of its kind. Poised, angular and elegant, its discreet walnut and brass surfaces found their perfect complement in a lampshade created by Edward’s wife Marthe, whose intricate designs have remained highly sought after as wallpaper patterns.

More than half a century later, the lamp itself has been the subject of an overdue re-discovery, with Joe Armitage, grandson of Edward and Marthe and himself an architect, newly at the helm. The Cob Gallery was delighted to premiere his exciting creative partnership with jewellery designer Dominic Jones and artist Tomo Campbell, Phototaxis, at Blacks Club during London Fashion Week.

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