5th February 2014

The Cob Gallery is delighted to announce the launch of We Go To The Gallery, Miriam Elia’s new take on a 1960s Ladybird book.

Peter, Jane and Mummy go to a gallery and learn about sex, death and contemporary art.

Have you taken children to a gallery recently? Did you struggle to explain the work to them in plain and simple English? Well, those awkward moments are now over. Miriam Elia has created a colourful new ‘Harlequin Ladybird book,’ for parents and young children to understand contemporary art (but mainly parents.)

We Go To The Gallery is the first in a series of ‘Harlequin Ladybird’ books designed to make scary subjects approachable for the under 5s. Described in bold colours and clear and concise English, each book will drag families in to the darkest recesses of the collective unconscious, for their broader cultural benefit.

The jolly colourful illustrations will enable the child to smoothly internalise all of the debilitating middle class self hatred contained in the artworks at the gallery. Key words on every page also help the child to identify the key concepts, so that they may repeat them at dinner parties and impress educated guests.

We Go To The Gallery has been self-published by Elia with help from successful kick-starter campaign. The first edition of a thousand books are for sale at £20 each. Each image was created by Miriam Elia with a mixture of watercolour, gouache and digital photographic manipulation. The text was written by Miriam Elia and Ezra Elia.

Miriam Elia (b.1982, London) is a multi-disciplinary artist and Sony Nominated Comedy writer. Her first graphic novel published by Macmillan The Diary of Edward The Hamster 1990-1990 has sold over 15,000 copies in the UK, and has been published in seven other countries including the USA (featured in The New York Post this week). Edward the Hamster is already a favourite humour book at art book shops like the Tate Modern and MOMA. Miriam’s satirical art work has been covered in such publica- tions as The Independent, Hunger Magazine, The Guardian, Dazed and confused and Pop Magazine.
The launch will be accompanied by an exhibition of Elia’s prints.

For more information please contact Victoria Williams: victoria@cobgallery.com


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The last remaining copies have been donated by Miriam to be auctioned for our new arts charity, Cobble.

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Spreads from the book are available as prints, mounted onto vintage ladybird books and presented in hand made frames.

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