26th FEBRUARY – 4th MARCH 2012

Blood thrills us. It arouses fear and repulsion. An emblem of love and violence. A symbol of both purity and horror. A universal sign of illness and death. Yet as the saying goes, ‘in blood is life’.

The Cob Gallery and Guts for Garters presents a body of work of by Peter Doherty executed in his own blood. This will mark the closure of Guts for Garters and The Cob Gallery’s previous collaborative show ‘Anatomy’. For more information about Guts for Garters, visit their website at www.gutsforgarters.com.

A London debut exhibition of the artist’s personal collection of ephemera and collectibles, co-curated with the artist, will provide the backdrop to Doherty’s archive and specially created new ‘blood’ paintings.

The show will cast new light on Doherty not only as a practicing artist, but as a collector of oddities. As an additional aspect of the show, objects collected and chosen by Doherty will be used to create a unique Gesamtkunstwerk – a Portrait of the Artist.

Original work and prints exclusive to the gallery and signed in the artist’s blood will be available throughout the exhibition. All prints will be available from collection within 3 weeks, signed by the artist. For more information and hi-res images of the works please contact info@cobgallery.com



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