24th NOVEMBER – 23rd DECEMBER 2011

Open by appointment throughout January

The Cob Gallery and Guts for Garters collaborate once again with their latest exhibition, ‘Anatomy’.

Cassie Beadle and Rachel Chudley from Guts for Garters have teamed up with Victoria Williams and Polly Stenham of The Cob Gallery to sell art, clothing, interiors and miscellanea under the theme of Anatomy. The exhibition challenges traditional modes of gallery representation, blurring the boundaries between traditionally set categories and doing away with the ‘untouched’ white space. The result is an exciting and very unusual Christmas installation.

In exploring the anatomy of the human body, the scientist or artist delves into questions of origins, ideals, and death with every specimen or dissection a reminder of our own mortality. Traditional anatomical illustrations offer a clean, clinical view of a dissected human body; the artists in ‘Anatomy’ play with this representation of the body, offering new and sometimes distorted perspectives.

The Cob Gallery presents four artists:

Kate Street

The Cob Gallery presents British artist Kate Street’s Story of Orchis in Three Parts.  Street’s watercolour and pen on paper drawings play on anatomical and botanical studies.  The Orchis series demonstrates Street’s ongoing preoccupation with the subversion of traditional ideas of desire and romance due to their link with death and absurdity.  The mutated drawings reflect parallels between nature and artifice.  The series originates from an ancient Greek belief that orchids sprung from the spilt semen of mating animals.

James Page

James Page’s specimen works explore the corporeal and the metaphysical aspects of the human condition.  His work shows the contradictory manner in which we see our body – we are compelled to reassess the physical substance of the body, which is simultaneously immediate and transient.  The Cob Gallery includes three prints by the London-based artist; Hair Print, Semen Print, and Blood Print.

Miyo Yoshida

Miyo Yoshida’s Body Cash installation series explores the idea of the mercantile value of body parts.  In Body Cash, Yoshida illustrates how the body becomes a marketable commodity like any other profitable item, which reveals the attitude of contemporary society to ‘life’.  The flesh of the poor feeds the chain of body-part traffickers, who in turn depend on a wealthier person’s desire to live longer.  Yoshida breaks down her body into glass goods for a consumer market.

Walter Hugo

The self-taught, London-based artist Walter Hugo photographed nudes live in The Cob Gallery to create a mural triptych on the wall of the gallery.  The exhibition space was turned into a darkroom, and the image of the nudes was developed directly onto the wall to leave the gallery with its own site-specific photographic fresco.  Hugo uses an extensively researched and complicated photographic technique to achieve one-off pieces of art.  His innovative work pulsates with the beauty and drama of classical frescos combined with modern methodology.

Guts for Garters present:

Genesis P Orridge

Julian Walker

David Courts

Heather Barnett

Patrick Ian Hartley

Kelly McCallum

Louis Thompson

Martha Todd

One Eyed Designs

Judy Clark

Arlette Ess

Laura Taylor

Mylene Eliott

Rosie Emerson

Beatrix Haines

Kate Street

Cristina Sabaiduc

Juno Says Hello

Vivienne Westwood

Grace du Prez

Emi Miyashita

James Page

Paddy Hartley

Walter Hugo

Olivia Hicks

Raisa Veikola

Pauline Amos

Carla Borel

Jonny Briggs

Nina Fowler

All works are for sale. Price list available on request.

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Installation shots courtesy of Felicity Ieraci of Stamp Magazine